Data protection declaration of TKR Spezialwerkzeuge GmbH and TKR Cable Systems GmbH

The following data protection declaration concerns the collection, processing, storage, dissemination and protection of your personal data. It applies to all the web pages of TKR Spezialwerkzeuge GmbH and TKR Cable Systems GmbH, hereinafter designated as the TKR Group.

Personal data (hereinafter referred to as data) are always processed in compliance with the EU data security, basic regulations and with other state-specific, statutory regulations to which the person responsible is always subject.

Since we are responsible for processing your data, we use numerous technical and organisational measures in order to comply with these regulations and to ensure that your data are protected to the highest level of security. However, we cannot guarantee absolute protection because of the possibility of unexpected events such as security holes. You can therefore submit data to us directly at any time, e.g. by telephone.

We have avoided using specialised jargon for the wording of this data protection declaration in order to make it easy to understand. Nevertheless, it has not been possible to completely avoid using legal terms in some places. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact our data protection staff.

We also use terms taken from the EU data security basic regulations (hereinafter referred to as the DSGVO) in our data protection declaration. The terms used are explained in the DSGVO where you can look them up.

Since the legal situation is constantly changing, we reserve the right to change and amend the data protection declaration according to current law, at any time. All changes to this data protection declaration shall be published on the web pages of the TKR Group and shall automatically come into effect 30 days after publication. We will inform you by e-mail if there are any substantial changes.

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